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Open collimator sight 1x22x33A Kandar with 11 mm mount on the dovetail bar. The reflex sight allows the shooter to direct the weapon at the target along the luminous dot-mark, observing the object with both open eyes, which is very convenient when shooting at a moving target. You simultaneously observe the target and point your weapon at it. Shooting on a hunt is simplified, and most importantly, it becomes more accurate than with a conventional front sight. Has 4 types of marker points, 2 illumination colors (red and green), 5 degrees of brightness, anti-reflective coating on the lens. The horizontal and vertical position of the marker is adjusted with a hex key.

The set includes: installation and adjustment key; protective rubber lens cap; battery; lens tissue; packing box.
Optimal distance, m: up to 100
Sight weight, grams: 120
Battery: CR2032 lithium battery
Mounting width, mm: 11
Sight length, mm: 80
Height, mm: 56
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