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Chronograph is a high-precision, reliable and compact device for measuring the speed of shots and rate of fire. Suitable for measuring the speed of bullets of any caliber, as well as shot, airsoft bullets, arrows, etc., the range of measured speeds is from 10 to 2134 m / s with an accuracy of more than 99.5%. The chronograph case is made of 1 mm thick sheet steel, while the weight of the device does not exceed 500 grams. It has two highly sensitive photosensors located on the front and rear walls of the device. Triangular working areas are located above the photosensors. The sides of the triangular working zones of the chronograph are formed by steel rods (“horns”), 23.5 cm or 40.5 cm long. The upper triangular zones are formed by plates (diffusers) of high-density durable plastic, the width of the plates is 57 mm, the thickness is 3 mm. You need to shoot through the center of the triangular zones, along the chronograph axis. The control panel with LCD display is located on the front of the chronograph.


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